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Moment of Silent Screams [Video]

I am in the midst of creating a stage concert work called “From Within. And Back Again” that focuses on conventions in life that help to spark ones soul. Whether it be an overwhelming joy, anger, or sorrow, there are moments in life where our spirits feel as though they want to burst beyond our physical bodies. During these moments, I experience the limits of my flesh-self while simultaneously feeling the existential and boundless nature of my inner being. For me, it’s quite an amazing phenomenon that brings up many questions, and therefore, pushes me to make a dance about it.

Out of this larger work spawns “Moment of Silent Screams” as the recent emphasis on the injustices of police brutality have created a restlessness within my soul. This video is a result of my observations over the past month mixed with my desire to something. This is how I raise my voice in disgust against the systematic injustices that have been going on in our country.

I hope you empathize with the words, the movement, and/or the music that creates this work and it inspires you to have a conversation about these issues with others in your community. Blessings.


Movement Lifestyle theTour Part 2

imagesMovement Lifestyle theTour Part 2

My video made it to the top 5 in the Movement Lifestyle Tour video contest! It is such an honor. To have the people who I look up to even pay attention to my work is such a blessing, but to be selected as a finalist is something that has been constantly blowing my mind. It is nice to know that some of my questions and pursuits are valued within both academia and general Hiphop culture. Even if I do not win, I believe that the process has helped me to funnel out some of the main aspects of my purpose as a dancer in this world. I’m so excited for the next 3 years and how that purpose will mold into tangible work that will affect the societies and cultures that I am a part of. Attached is a link of the blog of all of the 5 finalists. Below are the comments that the Movement Lifestyle judges say about my work.

“We loved Quilan’s personal and narrative take on the contest. In under two minutes we were able to feel his true passion, love, and dedication to dance, both in hip-hop and other forms. We were given chills by the last statement:

“Every day, I think about the importance of being consistently engaged within the hip-hop dance community, so I can carry it to worlds where hip-hop does not yet prevalently exist but needs to be. Being a part of the mL Tour would be a step in that direction.” 

If Quilan’s video is your favorite, make sure you share and promote it!”

-Movement Lifestyle Blog