Archcore 40 Summer Intensive '14

Quilan “Cue” Arnold is a dancer, performer, teacher, videographer, and scholar. He currently holds faculty positions at Towson University in Baltimore, as well as at Mark Morris Dance Center and Gibney Dance Center in New York City.

Quilan holds a BA from Penn State University. During his tenure there, Quilan focused on how the foundations of euro-centric technique applied to a deeper awareness of the body within Hip-hop dance. In this pursuit, Quilan was able to perform domestically and internationally as a way to showcase his embodiment of a euro-afro technical hybrid.

Quilan is a recent MFA graduate in Dance at The Ohio State University. In his research there, he considered identity and representation of the black male in the United States through a Hip-hop lens. Simultaneously, Quilan focused on pedagogically combining academic and vernacular dance structures in order to cultivate stronger relationships between studio and street environments. Quilan’s research is explored through the embodiment of Hip-hop culture, the choreographic process, dance film, and the lessons conjured from his teaching of Hip-hop dance.

Quilan has danced for the New York Philharmonic (NY), Little Theatre at Dixon Place (NY), and Rennie Harris’s Puremovement (PA) and Grassroots (CO) dance companies. Quilan’s choreographic work has been presented in a domestic and international milieu including Memphis, TN; New York City, NY; Towson, MD; and Salvador, Brazil. He is a 2017 Artist in Residence at the University of Memphis (TN) and a 2017 Guest Lecturer at New York University (NY). Quilan serves as a faculty member at Mark Morris Dance Center (NY), Dalton Performing Arts School (NY), Gibney Dance Center (NY).


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